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Pink Powder

Day Workshops


  • Sweet Messges of Love-Truth Card Affirmation Deck: Using paint and cut and paste journaling, we will make personalized cards that tell you your soul truth about you. There are 10 offerings here to build an amazing affirmation deck that has your own pictures and words of love to yourself. These can also be made for others as a gift.

  • I AM Events: Using cut and paste journaling and building a portrait that looks like you, empowering words to rest in the heart of your likeness to remind you how beautiful you are. Kits are available for wome, kids, teens and boys.

  • Safety & Storytelling: Integrating your life experience through a colorful painting.

  • Flip into Fearless: Paint and write custom affirmation cards to overcome negative thoughts. A deep dive into your true desires reveals your heart's wishes.

  • Claim your color!: Let your true color shine and create a symbolic empowerment painting.

  • Juicy Color Juicy Life: Journal, paint and draw your intentions for your next level vision.

  • Wheel of Reflection: Completing a Native American reflection wheel leads to goal setting with an image progress tracker you have painted. You will leave with a month long vision.

  • Printmaking and Poetry: Using visualization to harvest emotions, finger paint your feelings and turn them into a print on paper. Hand color symbols and details to personalize your painting. Compose simple poetry to pair with your print.

  • Soul Flame: Using mixed media we will adorn a candle to illuminate our intention of what we are calling forward into our lives. The candle can be lit as a reminder of the intention as a practice.

Dripping Paint



Retreats are up tp six hours of workshop time that can be one day or two days as noted.


  • Creative and Expressive Journaling: Four lessons include play, mixed media techniques, painting without paint, and the magic of text storytelling. Create foundation pages ready for your life story.

  • Flip into Fearless: Paint and write custom affirmation cards to overcome negative thoughts. A deep dive into your true desires reveals your heart's wishes.

  • A Pocket Full of Starlight: Get into the body with star breathing, journal about your shine, and paint your own wooden star to hang as an anchoring object.We add our own pictures to this to make is personal. It will remind you to catch a falling star and never let it fade away!

  • She/HE/I Did it Anyways: Using cut and paste journaling and pictures of yourself, create affirmation cards that aknowlege how incredibly far you have come, and how resilient your truly are. They can be geared to the self, others, for men and women. You can also create them for others as a gift.


  • Soul Book Events: Build your own book and adorn it with paint, fabric and papers. Using a cut and paste journal kit and pictures of your own, tell the story of your life and your Soul. Kits are available for women, men, kids, self, and for others. You can create a book for you or for the voice of othes as a gift.

  • The Four Selves: Using cut and paste journal kits and images, discover the four ways we present ourselves. In a visual art journal, learn about the two false selves and the two soul selves so you can live more consciously. Include pictures of yourself to make this a more meaningful experience.

  • Soul Searching Art Jounal: Using cut and paste journaling, really discover who you are at a soul level. What happens when I remeber I am a soul? When I forget? What feeds my soul and what poisons it? What am I still trying to figure out? And we also explore ways that we are more than what people see. This is a powerful experience that is done in a fun way in a visual art journal.

Abstract Blur

Art Coaching        

Art coaching can be a small group or individual experience. This is an opportunity for personalized learning and playful curiosity. It's where you get to be in charge! 

If you have been wanting to try something new and would love support, I am here to help. If you have a project you started on and you're stuck, bring it along. If you and your friends want a girls night in, I can come to you with a fun painting. If you want to make a gift and need help with know how, I love to be a part of that. If you need more structure, I also offer a guided four week workshop called:

  • A Custom Creative Life: A four week journey into exploration of materials and finding your voice.  Through a final project that is based on your discoveries, you will see your voice emerge, leaving you feel like you know yourself more.


Custom &Collaborate

One of my favorite things is brainstorming with other passionate people. 

That is how amazing things come to be.

If you have a group with focus you want to express though the arts, let's make it happen.

I can create a workshop for your group.

I can help you with a commission project.

I facilitate family projects.

Heck! I can do darn near anything you bring to me. Just ask!

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