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The Pink Soul Passion

The Pink Soul Art Studio offers classes of intentional creativity. Its mission is to combine art with mindfulness.

Each class includes aromatherapy, light yoga, visualization, and a variety of art making projects.

You will leave class feeling a sense of sparkle and more connected to your unique soul.  We have some fun and play, too. For a list of classes with me and to register go here

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Heart of the Pink Soul

The Heart of The Pink Soul

The name of the studio comes from what is in the hearts of all who gather here.


A Pink Soul is one who values love, art, and freedom.

We take time to express our creativity with curiosity, to be our own artist and healer.

Our loyalty is to Beauty and Truth. We find all our answers inside because deep down, we already know. We are our own magic.


We embrace our emotions and humanity. We connect in relationships with other kind souls. We know that we are all connected.

Come and be one of us! Find a class here.

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