About Me


I have formal training in both Studio Art and Art Education. I have been teaching in public schools since 2001until 2020. I have earned a certificate for Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Level One from the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.

Creativity allows me to be my own best friend. I use the arts to collect my inner thoughts. I draw, write and immerse myself into nature. I move my body. This process keeps me closest to my spirit and keeps my energy in flow.

My practice takes form in art journals, paintings, and other mixed media projects while incorporating all of my senses.

My purpose is to bring consciousness into creativity.


That is the intention I bring to workshops I facilitate. Bringing people together for a shared experience

creates connection, and allows us to see we are not alone. We can unleash our fullest expression. I hold true that creativity is our superpower.