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Jackie Jacober Artist


I am an artist who believes in the power of voice. Art is a connection to our authentic expression. Creativity is innate for all. There is no need for special tools because we are the magic. We all have access to our inner voice that reminds us who we are, truly. We are a Soul.

I create original art to tell stories. I collaborate with others on commission projects to communicate with beauty.


Most importantly, because we all have stories yearning to be told. I lead workshops focused on connection and personal truth. In class, we go on an art journey with Intentional Creativity. All classes inclue light yoga, aromatherapy, visualization and art activities. I teach at

The Pink Soul Art Studio. Click to view classes and register.

The bonus is that I approach all of my endeavors with spunk, play and humor. Fun is essential, right?

The Pink Soul Art Studio Classes
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